Needless to say, this style of beer is quite uncommon. Traditionally brewed around Louisville, Kentucky Common beers used to be very popular until Prohibition: 80% of the beer consumed in Louisville in the early 1900s was of this type and any local breweries made this style of beer exclusively. Alameda Island Brewing Company is one of the rare breweries to brew this style: their Uncommon Common is a dark cream ale, brewed with a little rye, a little dark malt, and a generous amount of corn. This beer, like cream ales, should be enjoyed fresh.

Food Pairing: grilled fish and bbq of any type


Common or Cream Ale

There's Kentucky Common and California Common. Commons are an older style, late 1800s. The Kentucky version is typically darker and lower carbonation, full body and tart. Also known as a Cream Beer. The California Common, also known as Steam Beer, are lighter in color and texture and balanced.

  • ABV: low to medium alcohol
  • Color: California - amber, Kentucky - copperish
  • Glassware: Pilsner glass
  • Temperature: 50-55 oF
  • Food Pairing: pork loin, feta cheese
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