• Please read your booking confirmation emails to ensure service date/time/category accuracy.
  • Only use your account for your own bookings. You are responsible for No-Shows/Late arrival fees incurred by someone else.
  • Dropping off then leaving anyone who is dependent upon you to pay for services/provide transportation to and from appointments is not allowed.
  • Please do not book if you are in any stage of being sick (coming down with, in the middle of, or recovering). 
  • Do not schedule appointments if you do not have means to pay for bookings, or do not have transportation to and from appointments.
  • Cash, Square Order, or Square CC swiped payment for the total amount is due immediately after services are rendered. No checks or other forms of Payment are accepted.
  • Please limit Phone/Tablet/Magazine distractions while services are being performed. 


  • The child rates for services are the same as adults. All bookings are based on service time duration and not size/age of persons receiving services. 
  • Children must be well behaved, able to follow directions and able to receive requested service. Services cannot be rendered to unruly children.
  • Please bear in mind, young children do not typically have the disposition for much more than very basic services. Please consider your child's unique tolerances for your desired service.
  • Please do not allow children to roam the shop unsupervised at any time. Please do not allow children to sit/spin/play on shop chairs, or touch equipment or products.
  • NEVER drop children off and/or leave until service is completed. This ensures services are rendered to your specs and approval, and also calms anxious children.

Hair/Skin Condition

  • Hair MUST be clean, dry and product free prior to appointment arrival.
  • Please treat/manage any skin or scalp conditions (excessive dandruff, psoriasis etc.) prior to booking an appointment.
  • Services cannot be provided to skin or scalp with open sores, lesions or infectious conditions. 


Dominick's Online Shop business/services were designed to serve the Professional Clientele. While most Professionals rarely commit the infractions outlined, fees are a necessary component to this business model to ensure processes run smoothly for all affected parties.


There will be ABSOLUTELY NO haggling or exceptions made as a result of assessed fees.

 Do not book an appointment if you cannot respect and adhere to this policy. 

 I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who negatively affects business in any aspect. 


Fee Schedule:

  • 10 min Late arrival - $5
  • Cancellations within two hours of appointment time - $5 
  • Cancellations within one hour of appointment time - $10
  • Unclean hair/Excessive dandruff/Product in hair - $5
  • COMPLETE Payment not rendered immediately after service (Running to the bank, needing to borrow money or go cash check first, forgot wallet/payment source)- $5
  • Any "Square Invoice" based transaction - $5
  • Dropping off/leaving children during service. Not rendering transportation for child/Dependent persons at service completion - $10

You must pay a $20 fee in the event of a No-Show. 

 **In the event of a late arrival wherein I cannot provide the scheduled service, we will agree upon a service that can be rendered during the remaining time of your scheduled appointment. However the complete payment will be due for the time you blocked for your booking.**

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